Friday, March 13, 2009

Roppon No Rousoku: A film by Virginia native Cyril Augustin

Centuries ago, in Japan, an urban game was created to test the courage of the samurai. The game was called Hyaku Monogatari (100 Ghostly Tales). Throughout the years, the game changed, evovled until it became an urban legend called Roppon No Rousoku (6 Candles). A game played by 6 people, with 6 candles, each telling 6 different ghost stories. The purpose was to see if you could make contact with the other side. For Eric and his friends the urban game would be their worse nightmare. After playing the game, Eric and his friends unknowingly release an unspeakable evil that goes after the 6 friends in the same manner as the story they each told. With the help of a young reporter, Eric and his friends race to stop the yurei before it kills them.

Story by Cyril Augustin

Roppon No Rousoku Pitch Trailer from Cyril Augustin on Vimeo.

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