Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Virginia Film Office and the Virginia Production Alliance need volunteers to manage and run the Virginia Independent Film Festival at the Byrd Theatre on April 26th from Noon-10pm. The festival is presented in three parts. Documentaries run from Noon to 4pm, Short Films run from 4pm-6pm, and Features run from 6pm-10pm. A full festival schedule will be available by April 1st at www.film.virginia.org
We currently need 3-4 volunteers for the Shorts shift and 3-4 volunteers for the Features shift.
All volunteers receive an All Day pass for the festival. Volunteers working at the festival will be asked to:

· Hand out programs
· Sell VPA Merchandise
· Assist in ballot counting for the Audience Choice Award

Please email kstephens@virginia.org with which shift you’d like to work if you’re interested in volunteering. You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator for the event to confirm your availability.

Docs Shift (11:30-3:45) SHIFT FULL Shorts Shift (3:45-5:45)___________ Features Shift(5:45-10:00)__________

Saturday, March 28, 2009


You are invited to attend free sessions at the Moonlight Film Fest, a celebration of excellent films that portray beauty, truth, and goodness. Along with licensed showings of Bella, Fireproof, Most: the Bridge and others, the MFF has hand-picked and personally invited some of the best short films from across the nation. From 10am-2pm on Saturday, April 4 and 2pm-9pm on Sunday, April 5, come enjoy historic downtown Leesburg and the Tally Ho Theatre for this unique film experience. View the schedule on the website at www.moonlightfilmfest.com and pre-register! For more information, contact

Sarah Pride
Editorial Writer / Web Content Specialist
Patrick Henry College


Opened Friday, March 27th in New York at the Landmark Sunshine Theater and in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. In Los Angeles at Laemmle Sunset 5; in DC at Landmark E Street Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Mykelti Williamson, Beau Bridges, Miranda Richardson, James Rebhorn and Victor Rusuk Directed by Mark BrokawAdapted from the stage play by Rebecca Gilman
Set at a small, liberal arts college in Vermont, SPINNING INTO BUTTER is a powerful film about a series of racist incidents on campus that lead to surprising and insightful discoveries for the community as a whole.

Produced by Lou Pitt and Norman Twain, SPINNING INTO BUTTER was adapted by Rebecca Gilman from her stage play, screenplay co-written by Doug Atchison (writer/director of “Akeelah and the Bee”) and directed by theater director Mark Brokaw (“How I Learned to Drive,” “This Is Our Youth,” the upcoming “After Miss Julie” with Sienna Miller) making his feature film directorial debut. When a hate crime on the campus of Belmont College puts the school’s Dean of Students Sarah Daniels (Parker) in a position where she has to act as the college’s spokesperson on tolerance, it forces Daniels to examine her own feelings about race and prejudice, while maintaining her administration’s politically correct policies.

The title “Spinning into Butter” comes from Little Black Sambo, the classic children’s story. In the tale, tigers steal Sambo’s clothes and then chase each other’s tail, trying to get the garments so each tiger can be the fairest. They spin so quickly that they liquefy into butter and Sambo scoops up the butter and eats it on his pancakes. Rebecca Gilman chose the title to speak on “the faculty passing blame from one person to another until the root of the problem is just a blur.”

Hampton Roads Job Fair!

What: Mass Communication Job/Internship Fair
(television, journalism, radio, and public relations students will attend)

When: Friday, April 3, 2009, 2-4 p.m.

Where: Norfolk State University Campus
700 Park Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23504

Cost: None

Contact: Cathy Jackson, Ph.D., to reserve your table

"The Actors' Workshop" hosted by Mario Lopez

J'esprit Entertainment is excited to present "The Actors' Workshop" with nationally renowned celebrity Actor and Host, Mario Lopez.With Mario's 30 years of successful acting experience coupled with the fact that he's still considered to be among Hollywood's hottest Actors, Mario will be the ideal facilitator for "The Actors' Workshop". Participants in the workshop will be at various levels of acting experience, some of which may not have any experience at all. For this reason, Mario will give a broad overview of the Acting Industry, tips for starting and maintaining a career, keys to become a successful working actor and how to open more doors of opportunity.

Location - Sandler Performing Center for the Performing Arts201 Market Street, Virginia Beach, 23462 Date - Sunday April 26, 2009 Time - 10am to 1pm

Tickets are on sale now at www.ticket.com and at the box office for $100.00 in advance or $150.00 on the day of the workshop. Mario will be having a small group session of only 20 individuals to speak to one-on-one regarding their career and educational questions. The fee for this session is $300.00 (workshop fee included). These tickets are expected to sell out very quickly! Please visit them on the web at www.Jesprit.com/MarioLopez.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Regent Worldwide Acquires Comedy "Weather Girl"

"Weather Girl" To Be a Showcase Title for Regent at MIPTVLOS ANGELES, CA - March 23, 2009 - Regent Worldwide Sales, the sales affiliate of Regent Entertainment, announced today that it has acquired the international sales rights (excluding North America) to the new romantic comedy, "Weather Girl," from writer/director Blayne Weaver which will be one of Regent's showcase titles at MIPTV.

"Weather Girl," produced by Tricia O'Kelley and Steak House, was first spotted by Regent at the 15th Annual Slamdance Film Festival. Regent acquired the film from Submarine Entertainment."Weather Girl" features sitcom star Tricia O'Kelley ("The New Adventures of Old Christine," "Gilmore Girls,") and Emmy-nominated actor Mark Harmon ("NCIS," "The West Wing"). The film - a Secret Identity Productions' film in association with T&A Pictures, Steakhaus Productions, and H2R Productions - also stars Jon Cryer, Ryan Devlin, Jane Lynch, Kaitlin Olson and Patrick J. Adams. "'Weather Girl' has an amazing ensemble cast from hit theatrical films and TV series," said Liz Mackiewicz and Adam Wright, co-presidents of Regent Worldwide Sales. "Regent is thrilled to be presenting this quality film, in addition to an already excellent line-up at MIPTV this year.""Weather Girl" focuses on a Seattle TV news show weather girl (O'Kelley) who learns that her boyfriend/morning news anchor (Harmon) has cheated on her.

Forced to cope with the realities of being thirty-something, single and unemployed, she begins an unlikely romance with her brother's best friend, who's younger than she is."We were hugely pleased with the response in Park City and the interest from film distributors," said Blayne Weaver, writer/director of "Weather Girl." "We took many meetings about the future of 'Weather Girl' but Regent's reputation and track record along with their love for the film made it an easy choice."Weaver added, "We're so excited that Regent will be introducing 'Weather Girl' to an international audience."The acquisition deal for "Weather Girl" was negotiated between Liz Mackiewicz for Regent and Josh Braun and Kevin Iwashina of Submarine Entertainment, on behalf of the producers.Other titles for Regent at MIPTV include, "Little Ashes," a historical drama about the college years of Salvador Dalí and Federico García Lorca, starring Robert Pattinson ("Twilight") and Javier Beltrán, "Dark Skies," an action-disaster feature, "Something Evil Comes," a thriller, and "The Blue Tooth Virgin," an intellectual comedy. For more information, please visit http://www.weathergirlmovie.com or http://www.regententertainment.com. About Regent Worldwide SalesRegent Worldwide Sales, LLC is a worldwide distributor of theatrical and television motion pictures.

It has a library of over 3,500 programs, mostly comprised of feature length films. The company has established output arrangements in a number of international territories and is one of the major providers of cable and satellite television movies to the world market.For more information, please visit http://www.regententertainment.com

Monday, March 23, 2009


The 48HFP is looking for a new Hampton Roads Producer. He or she will be responsible for getting the word out about the 48HFP; reserving theaters; running the kickoff, dropoff, and screenings; and making sure the filmmakers have a good time. Good organizational, communication, writing, Word, Excel, and email skills are essential. This is a paid position. The Hampton Roads Producer cannot participate in the 48 Hour Film Project. If you're interested, or know someone who is, please send a resume and a cover email to ben@48hourfilm.com -- and be sure to include a phone number. Please don't email questions without attaching a resume.
Ben Guaraldi Director of Outreach 48 Hour Film Project

IndieSeen Review by Jaz

This past Saturday I truly saw my zodiac sign , Libra's indecisive nature kick in. I didn't know which film I should see, being that their are many that have been released the past few weeks. After going through the listings and reading reviews, I finally came upon a movie I should see: The Great Buck Howard. What drew me to wanting to see this film was the story; the story of a young man who was not fulfilled with his career, so he decides to try a new path. Also, another element that drew me in to wanting to spend a few dollars was that John Malkovich was going to star . He brings an intense, yet realistic portrayal to his roles. Malkovich was not quite as intense in this film, but he played well opposite Colin Hanks, who was the calm to Malkovich's sometimes outspoken character. The Great Buck Howard, this movie charms you due to its down to earth tone, humor, and emotional depth.

Colin Hanks in this film, stars as Troy Gabel, a young man who goes through law school, but finds himself unhappy with his career choice. Troy does not feel fulfilled with what he is doing. Hanks, narrating during the movie, brings an honest voice to his character. You can feel this when he begins to list the excuses he will tell his dad ( played by real life father actor Tom Hanks) about why he decided to drop out of school. Hanks gives his character a quiet, unassuming touch. One can feel this quality as his character Troy begins to look for jobs after dropping out of school, and eventually lands an interview with The Great Buck Howard, an illusionist who is attempting an comeback to the entertainment scene. Hanks also shows through his calm stage presence how the character Troy almost always can settle down his boss, The Great Buck Howard. Buck Howard can be shrewd, antsy, and a bit naiive; he comes from another place in time...

John Malkovich, starring as The Great Buck Howard, truly becomes a man from another time period. Buck Howard was a star during the Tonight Show era of Johnny Carson. It is as if Buck has not left that time period. One can see this through Buck's clothes, high show biz nature. When Buck is first introduced to Troy during their interview, I expected him to be arrogant and unfriendly due to the background that his top manager gave Troy before he came. However, there is a warm nature to Buck which Malkovich shows. He doesn't scare the young Troy away, but rather is eager to get his career going and will work with anyone who can aid in the endeavor. Malkovich , while many at first see his character Buck as a sweet older man, suddenly shows the fiery side of his character when he goes on the road. Buck is a man who has to have everything his way, no mistakes accepted at all. Malkovich portrays this character trait well, showing how small things such as stage setup, press interviews not going well irritate this great
star of the past, Buck Howard, to no end.

While Malkovich and Hanks played well off of each others character, another standout performance in this movie came from actor Steve Zahn. Zahn plays one of Buck's hosts in Oregon, who is assigned to help him around the town. Zahn and his fellow hostess, played well by actress Wendy Worthington, are so excited that Buck is there and are truly big fans of his. After the duo make an error in judgment with one of Buck's shows( Worthington's character decides to sing a tribute song to Buck before he goes on stage, much to Buck's chagrin) they get kicked off the tour. Zahn's character really is upset about the decision. He tells Troy how his friend only wanted to sing a nice song for Buck, and how much Buck, just getting his autographed picture, means to him. This is the scene in the movie where Steve Zahn shines. You can feel the emotion in his characters voice, persona, and the dedication he represents of a fan who has been moved in his life by this one man, Buck Howard. I felt like crying right with Zahn's character during this scene; you can't help but be touched.

Overall, The Great Buck Howard is a good movie. Other standout performances include Tom Hanks, as Troy's dad. He showed the stern, hardcore nature of a father who does not understand his sons choice. It was great to see Tom Hanks on screen with his real life son, Colin. I felt like two different generations were working together( also its crazy how much Colin favors his dad in looks!!) Emily Blunt, as the character Valerie, was not very strong. She has a striking onscreen presence, however in her role as an aggressive Publicity Assistant, I didn't see much depth in her performance. Also, Colin Hanks, I wanted to see more depth from his performance as well. The character Troy seemed too calm at times. I wanted to see Troys young side, the one that I know would have rebelled a little to Buck Howard's sometimes overdrive personality.

To conclude, I will say go see The Great Buck Howard!!! it will leave you with smiles on your face, particulary the middle of the movie towards the end ( events happen that I won't give away!)

*This review was written by Jaz

Friday, March 20, 2009

Reel Dreams Film Competition

There's Still Time To Enter The
2009 ReelDreams Film Competition!

You can still enter the 2009 ReelDreams Film Competition!

Submit a 3-5 minute redemptive film for the opportunity to WIN a FULL TUITION-PAID SCHOLARSHIP to Regent University's School of Communication & the Arts.

The SUBMISSION DEADLINE has been extended!
ALL FILMS DUE APRIL 12, 2009 @ 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time

Thank you for supporting Regent University's ReelDreams Film Competition.

Jennifer Bittinger
National Coordinator Regent University's ReelDreams Film Competition
info@reeldreamsfilmfest.com 757.352.4243


Casting representatives in Richmond are pleased to announce
they are now accepting submissions for extras for CBS’s “BODY POLITIC”.

All types are encouraged to apply! They are particularly seeking
men and women between the ages of 18-65+. Anyone interested
needs to have reliable transportation to Richmond, VA.
The tentative shoot dates are from
Monday, March 23 through Monday, March 30.

**A portion of the filming will occur in a secure location. All extras
hired for that area will have to go through security clearance prior to work.**

All submissions should include a current photograph and contact information.
Please note any conflicts you have during the shoot dates.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CASTING CALL: Need Actors!

Featured Extras Working in tandem with Lionheart Productions and L.A Based cinematographer Andrew Giannetta (Everybody Hates Chris, Blood Makes Noise) VCU School of the Arts and VCU Cinema are to shoot a short-feature on 35 mm film.

Shooting dates are March 21—24th in and around Richmond, VA. “The Persistence of Everything,” written and directed by Michael Bryant, is about a mysterious stranger investigating a miraculous occurrence in 1990s Bosnia. Actors will receive meals and screen credit.

“Weeping Mother”- 30’s, Eastern European look. MUST BE AVAILABLE Sat. 3/21

“Old Man with Bread” - 50’s to 70’s, Weathered LookMUST BE AVAILABLE Sat. 3/21 & 3/22

“Female Refugee”- 25-45, Eastern European look, weathered.MUST BE AVAILABLE Sat. 3/21 & 3/22

“Male Refugee” – 25-45, Eastern European look, weathered.MUST BE AVAILABLE EITHER Sat. 3/21 and/or Sun. 3/22

Also seeking Men of any age range as Soldiers. Previous fight choreography a plus. MUST BE AVAILABLE Sat. 3/21 & 3/22

Send resume and head shots to VCUCasting@gmail.com as soon as possible for consideration.

Virginia State University Film Festival

The 3rd Annual Film Festival
(sponsored by Virginia State University’s Mass Communications Club)

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Foster Hall, Room 300, Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA. 23806

We are a feedback festival and you will actually get to hear what people/film lovers think of your film.

Your film will get screened in front of an audience

Filmmakers are encouraged to attend and share with us the ups & downs of making the film, etc. as this festival will also be educational for VSU students interested in making films.



All genres are accepted (documentary, fiction, experimental, music videos, etc.).
The film should not have been submitted to the Festival in the past.
Running Time: Suggested running time is between 2 to 20 minutes.
Films should not be longer than 25 minutes.
Longer submissions may not be fully considered.
No Sexually Explicit Material
No Vulgar Language (mild language within context may be acceptable)
Festival selections will be notified upon receipt and review but no later than Friday, March 27, 2009, unless films are received after that date, but by the deadline.

*The Mass Communications Club ultimately reserves the right to accept or decline films at our discretion.

Mail Entries To:
The Mass Communications Club c/o P.O. Box 9067
Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA. 23806

For More Information: Jennifer Williamson @ (804) 524-6724
Email: vsumasscommclub@yahoo.com
The 3rd Annual Film Festival
(sponsored by Virginia State University’s Mass Communications Club)

*Please read the following submission requirements*

All non-English films must have English sub-titles

Films must be submitted on DVD

Preview DVD should be labeled with the title, running-time and contact email and phone number

Send stills or press kits along with the DVD if available

All films selected for the 3rd Annual Film Festival grant us rights to use DVD and press materials from the film for promotional purposes.

The Mass Communications Club is permitted to retain DVD copies of each film selected as part of our festival library and for media educational use.

You may submit more than one film, but each must be accompanied by its own completed entry form and it must be on the label

Copyright for all sound and images should be cleared

Cost of shipping is the responsibility of the entrant

If you have questions please email: vsumasscommclub@yahoo.com

Films must be received by
Monday, March 30, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have you ever wanted superpowers?

A film by Stian Hafstad

The Virginia Production Alliance (VPA) is having their monthly meeting for the Hampton Roads chapter on Tuesday April 7th from 6pm to 8pm at

Enricos Restaurant:

4012 Colley Ave Norfolk 23508 http://www.enricosristorante.com/

There is a social and networking from 6:00pm to 6:30pm and the meeting will begin at 6:30pm. If there is an item of business that you would like addressed please email huntertvpa@gmail.com.

If not at this meeting, it will be included on next month's agenda. The reigonal annual meeting will take place March 30th in Richmond! Please see the VPA label for details.

Faux Reel Film Festival

Faux Reel Film Festival

The Soundry, an art studio/gallery in Vienna, Virginia, is excited to CALL FOR ENTRIES in the Faux Reel Film Festival. The festival will be held on April 25, 2009 from 7:00-11:00pm. Submission deadline is April 17th, 2009. The event will include networking, viewing of the films, and an awards ceremony. All awards will be given based on audience votes.

Requirements for entries: Films must be no longer than 12 minutes including credits. All genres welcomed. The submission fee is free for members of The Soundry, $25 (per submission) for non-members. Filmmakers must be present at the festival in order to submit an entry. All entries must be on DVD and will not be returned. Foreign language films must have subtitles. All filmmakers should fill out a submission form on The Soundry's website at www.soundry.net, under "Calendar" on April 25th. Mail or drop your media off, along with the submission fee (for non-members) at The Soundry.

All entries, including submission fee, must be
received at The Soundry by April 17, 2009 to
be considered for the Festival. Drop off submission in person or mail to:

The Soundry
316 Dominion Road
Vienna, VA 22180

Submission fees can be paid with a personal check with the submission, with a credit card by phone at 703-698-0088, or in person. The Soundry reserves the right to accept or reject any film at the discretion of the selection committee. All responses to filmmakers in regards to acceptance to the festival will be made by email.

Coming Soon!! The Golden Boys

Based on the bestselling novel by Joseph C. Lincoln titled “Cap’n Eri, THE GOLDEN BOYS boasts an all-star cast including multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actor David Carradine Academy Award®-nominated actor Rip Torn Academy Award®-nominated actor Bruce Dern and Academy Award®-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway.

Set on Cape Cod at the turn of the century, three retired sea captains living together decide that the only way to keep their house in order is for one of them to get married. There is just one problem, none of them wants to get married. They decide to flip a coin and Captain Jerry Burgess loses. They place an ad for a mail order bride in a big city newspaper and a woman from Nantucket named Martha Snow responds.

Captain Jerry immediately gets cold feet. In a humorous series of events, Captain Perez hatches a plan to keep Martha in town while Captain Jerry works up his confidence to propose. However, it is Captain Zeb who falls in love with her and proposes. In the vein of Grumpy Old Men and Three Men and a Baby, THE GOLDEN BOYS is a comic gem with lots of laughs to please audiences of all ages.


*Chatham is the film title currently listed on IMDB

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hutson Talent Agency

A number of large scale film productions are have happened here in Virginia including films such as The New World, Evan Almighty, and The John Adams HBO TV Series.

If you're an actor seeking work and would like to be cast in a film or TV show here in the area, The Hutson Talent Agency is currently seeking talent.

Hutson Talent Agency is located at 35 Burtis StreetPortsmouth, VA 23702

Telephone: 757.673.6436

For further questions contact Sylvia at: sylvia@hutsontalentagency.com

Friday, March 13, 2009

Roppon No Rousoku: A film by Virginia native Cyril Augustin

Centuries ago, in Japan, an urban game was created to test the courage of the samurai. The game was called Hyaku Monogatari (100 Ghostly Tales). Throughout the years, the game changed, evovled until it became an urban legend called Roppon No Rousoku (6 Candles). A game played by 6 people, with 6 candles, each telling 6 different ghost stories. The purpose was to see if you could make contact with the other side. For Eric and his friends the urban game would be their worse nightmare. After playing the game, Eric and his friends unknowingly release an unspeakable evil that goes after the 6 friends in the same manner as the story they each told. With the help of a young reporter, Eric and his friends race to stop the yurei before it kills them.

Story by Cyril Augustin

Roppon No Rousoku Pitch Trailer from Cyril Augustin on Vimeo.

IndieSEEN Review: Miss March

Miss March is a film starring Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore as two friends who are polar opposites when it comes to women. Cregger and Moore play Eugene and and Tucker. Eugene is a shy introvert who has never been with a woman. He has been celebate with his girlfriend Cindi of 2 years. Meanwhile, his ne'er-do-well brother Tucker is obsessed with sexual conquests as well as his subscription to Playboy Magazine.

On prom night Eugene and Cindi decide to make this their special night and lose their virginity. Before Eugene has the opportunity to do so, his brother Tucker convinces him to have a few shots to loosen him up. Eugene gets wasted and and mistakenly enters the door to the basement and falls down a flight of stairs and becomes unconscious. The result is Eugene finds himself in a coma for 4 years.

The film takes a crazy turn after Eugene wakes upand Tucker finds himself involved in crazy compromising situtations that Eugene never asked to be a part of. He wakes up to find out his hymenally-challenged girlfriend Cindi is now Miss March for Playboy Magazine!

Miss March is your typical screwball comedy with a slight twist. There are lighthearted corny romantic moments and then there are your crude off-the-wall moments like poop jokes slapstick. You may come into this film with low expectations, but will definitely walk out with laughter and something to talk about. The film's stars also wrote and directed the film.

Miss March opens nationwide in theaters today.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shaawanokie & Teen Zombies In Love

Welcome to VAIndieSeen's short film corner! Take a look at 2 short films by Richard Stephenson.

Shaawanokie 2008 (Stephenson Media and Hindsight Digital) Cinematography/Producer Richard Stephenson

This PG-13 Tweener-30's demo laffer follows the misadventures of three clean cut divinity students trapped on an island off the Florida coast where the girls on spring break are suffering side effects of a government experiment gone awry. Side effects include Homicidal Zombieism, and a craving for brain flesh, brought on by acute bouts of Nymphomania. Hot Guys, Hot Girls, Hot Brains, and this time, it's the girls turn to swing the axe!

If you have a short film that you would like to have SEEN, please email us at vaindieseen@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Promote Your Film!

We want you to be SEEN! Do you have a film you wanna show us? Send your YouTube movie clips and we'll upload them on our site! They can be funny, happy, dopey, doc, sad, weird, avant garde, scary, dramatic, insightful, or whatever you want it to be!

Just email us the EMBED code to your film clip and send us your name with a brief bio about yourself as well as a quick synopsis about the film. Get yourself out there and get promoted!

Virginia Production Alliance General Meeting

The Virginia Production Alliance General Meeting is scheduled for March 30, 2009. This annual event will feature refreshments, a review of the past year and a preview of the year to come.

Join the Alliance at this excellent opportunity to meet others involved in the film industry in the state.

Monday, March 30, 2009
6:00 – 8:30 p.m.


Art Works
320 Hull Street

Free for members
$5 for non members
Anyone who purchases a membership at the event will be admitted at no charge.

One of the main purposes of the meeting will be the election of officers for 2009 by VPA members. The following people have volunteered to serve the Association. President: Mark Remes; First Vice-President: Kahil Dotay; Second-Vice President: Anne Chapman; Treasurer: Al Shapiro; Secretary: Jennifer Pullinger. All who are interested in participating on the board are invited to express their interest by emailing info@filmva.com.

At this meeting, VPA members will be asked to vote on a bylaw change that will allow elected chairs from any official VPA chapter to be voting members of the VPA Executive Committee.

For more information about the Virginia Production Alliance, visit www.filmva.com.

2009 Virginia Screenwriting Competition

The 2009 Virginia Screenwriting Competition is open to Virginia residents and students attending Virginia schools, there is no entry fee to submit a screenplay. Yes...that's right...NO ENTRY FEE!!!

Every screenplay in the competition will receive a written critique from the first panel of judges and screenplays selected as finalists in the competition are judged by industry professionals actively producing feature films.

For a complete list of rules and the application form, click HERE.

For more information or questions,
contact the Virginia Film Office at 800.854.6233 or email kstephens@virginia.org

Looking For Work??

Please join the Hampton Roads Film Office and the Virginia Production Alliance Hampton Roads Chapter for the 3rd annual Career Day Expo.

Production companies and media related businesses from all over Hampton Roads will be on hand to let you know what is going on in the film, television, video production and other media related industries.

So if you are looking for full or part time employment, or an internship in this exciting industry, this is the place to be. After the expo, stay around for the panel discussion “Filmmaking in Hampton Roads”.

Event: 2009 ON Film Festival Career Day Expo
Date: Saturday March 28, 2009
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Place: Batten Arts & Letters Building on the campus of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA
For more info click here

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ON Film Festival

The 2009 Old Dominion University—City of Norfolk Film Festival starts Thursday March 26 and ends Sunday March 28. The film festival contains film screenings, symposia, lectures, panel discussions and social events inaugurated a decade ago. The ONFilm Festival of Independent Film will for the first time screen only Independent Films, offering prizes and screenings by film industry executives as it becomes one of the premiere film festivals on the East Coast.

The ONFilm Festival of Independent Film offers festival-goers a stay in a growing tourist mecca where filmmakers will enjoy the delightful quality of life with industry professionals, distributors, and the public.

Below is the intinerary list of events at this year's fest!

2009 ONFILM FESTIVAL of Independent Film Festival at a Glance

(NOTE: Each screening block allows for up to 2 hours of film F = feature; D = documentary; S = short; SS = short short; NC = Not in Competition)

Wednesday, March 257:30-9:30 p.m. Big Blue Room*, “A Conversation with Constant Convocation Richard Dreyfuss”Center Opening Reception with Filmmakers FREE ODU Jazz Ensemble performs; cash bar Reception Co-Sponsored by the ODU Alumni Association and Town’N’Gown

Thursday, March 26 5:00-7:00 p.m. University Theatre Swimming with Sharks/Students $5 / General $10 with Stephen Israel LIVE! 5:00-7:00 p.m. Big Blue Room*
Money Please!/5:30
Constant Convocation Not Sacks/D/9:30
Center Under the Snow/F/99”Students $5 / General $10 5:00-7:00 p.m. Mills Godwin Life

Mother of All (Mere-bi)/D/55”/NCSciences Building Panel discussion to follow
Auditorium Students $5/General $10 7:30-9:30 p.m.

University Theatre Canned / SS / 5”Students $5 / General $10 Hot Dog / SS / 5:50”Buckets / S / 10:31”LaLa’s Gun / F / 99”7:30-9:30 p.m. Big Blue Room*,

Ted Vitruvius’ Toybox /SS/6”Constant Convocation The Cave/SS/3:22”

Center Pinhas /S/30”Students $5 / General $10

Halakeh /F/50”7:30-9:30 p.m. Mills Godwin Life Revolution ‘67/D/90”/NCSciences Building Panel discussion to followAuditorium Students $5 / General $10

10:00-Midnight University Theatre NORFOLK@NIGHT:Students $5 / General $10 Teachers
Pet /SS/5:35
Irish Twins /S/19:47
Playing Columbine /D/94”

Friday, March 27 3:30 p.m. University Theatre ODU Student Filmmaking Free and open to the public Presentation and AwardsPresentation and Screening5:00-7:00p.m. University Theatre Kanizsa Hill /SS/7:30”Students $5 / General $10

Woman’s Work /S/21”Pocket Change /D/89”5:00-7:00 p.m. Big Blue Room*

The Cave/SS/3:22”Constant Convocation Buckets/S/10:30”Center Batter Up/S/12:22”Students $5/General $10 Desert Brides/D/86”5:00-7:00 p.m. Batten Arts and Letters Dismal/F/90”/NCBuilding Auditorium Panel discussion to followStudents $5 / General $107:30-9:30 p.m. University Theatre

Pink, Blue, Yellow / D/41”Students $5 / General $10 Idiots and Angels /F/78”7:30-9:30 p.m. Big Blue Room*

The Coffee Break/S/10:00”Constant Convocation About Face /SS/5:51”Center Gone Fishing /S/13”Students $5 / General $10

The Last Days of Shishmaref /D/93” 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Batten Arts and Letters Chasing Warbirds/50”/NCBuilding Auditorium Special screening of Television Pilot/Students $5/General $10 Panel with New Dominion Pictures’ President Nicolas Valcour and others

10:00-Midnight University Theatre NORFOLK@NIGHT: 2 HOURS of SHORT & SHORT SHORTS!!!

Saturday, March 2811:00 a.m. – 1p.m. Batten Arts and Letters Third Annual Career Day Expo: Building Auditorium Filmmaking in Hampton Roads 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

Batten Arts and Letters Filmmaking Panel DiscussionBuilding Auditorium10:00 a.m. until 4:30

Naro Cinema AWARD-WINNERS MARATHON!!!Students $5 / General $108:00-10:00 p.m.
Granby Theater 2009 ONFILMFEST Awards GalaStudents $10 / General $20 Dance with the Rhythm KingsFree food /cash bar*Screenings in the Big Blue Room will feature cabaret-style seating with food and beverages available ($). Auditorium style seating will be available as well.

Tickets go on sale March 11th!! For more information click on the ON Film Fest link

Lights, Camera, Action!

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VAIndieSeen is for just about anyone: filmmakers, students, writers, actors, press, and anyone who has a love a passion for filmmaking at any capacity. The blog focuses on independent film, however mainstream films and movie reviews will be popular on this site.

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