Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shaawanokie & Teen Zombies In Love

Welcome to VAIndieSeen's short film corner! Take a look at 2 short films by Richard Stephenson.

Shaawanokie 2008 (Stephenson Media and Hindsight Digital) Cinematography/Producer Richard Stephenson

This PG-13 Tweener-30's demo laffer follows the misadventures of three clean cut divinity students trapped on an island off the Florida coast where the girls on spring break are suffering side effects of a government experiment gone awry. Side effects include Homicidal Zombieism, and a craving for brain flesh, brought on by acute bouts of Nymphomania. Hot Guys, Hot Girls, Hot Brains, and this time, it's the girls turn to swing the axe!

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Night Vision said...

Richard Stephenson is at it again with his latest film THE BOOBY TRAPPER! This new film is not for all audiences it has a lot of disgusting, bloody, gore, along with its Blair witch style reality suspense. The Booby Trapper is a must see for those Horror/Slasher fans who love a good stab in the gut! Here's a link to the trailer/review!