Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ON Film Festival Experience---Richard Dreyfuss

1 week ago this Wednesday was Day 1 of the ON Film Festival that took place in Norfolk, VA. The festival opened up with the appearance of veteran actor and self-proclaimed political activist Richard Dreyfuss.

The format was set up like an "Inside The Actor's Studio" format with Dreyfuss sitting across from Cathy Lewis of WHRV-FM’s “HearSay.” He was very humble and receptive at the beginning of the interview. He insisted to change the schedule by setting more time aside for questions from the audience rather than talking about himself.

However, the Q&A was not really a Q&A but more of a proclamation of opinion and views about the US government. That's right, his discussion was a political one, rather than one his film career. Dreyfuss asked the audience to stand up and say the "Pledge of Alligiance". The audience complied and repeated the pledge. He repeated the pledge again, this time without the help of the audience, and he omitted "under God" from the speech. He stated that America has forgotten that our nation is a republic. He later admitted that he is agnostic.

Dreyfuss never discussed whom his political affiliation is with. He stated he was neither liberal or conservative. He stated. "We are addicted to toxic partisanship". He did speak openly about his distrust of the Bush administration and when asked about how he prepared for his role of playing Dick Cheney in the film W. he said, "There's a little of Dick Cheney in everyone". (Scary thought)

The discussion ended with Dreyfuss asking the audience for money towards a non-profit organization he is involved in that teaches Civics to students grades K-7th.

To learn more about his works and his career check out his Wikipedia link here

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