Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spies in Crinoline

Spies in Crinoline Movie to be shown at Tally Ho in Leesburg on Sunday, Oct. 25at 7:00 p.m.

After three years in production, the feature length movie Spies in Crinoline premiered to a full-house on Sunday, September 20th at the Cinema Arts Theatrein the Fair City Mall, in Fairfax, VA. This dramatic equivalent of creativenon-fiction is based on Karla Vernon’s carefully researched novel, The Spy inCrinoline. Depicting the Civil War activities of two Fairfax natives, AntoniaFord and Laura Ratcliffe, the film employs theatrical techniques to tell ahistorically accurate story.

“My 2006 novel provides the jumping off point for an expanded story thatincludes never told before information about Joseph Willard and the adventuresof Confederate spy Laura Ratcliffe,” comments Vernon, who also authored thescreen play. “Not only historically sound, but also entertaining, Spies inCrinoline weaves extensive dramatization throughout.” According to director Bert Morgan, whose films The Battle of First Manassas(2004) and The Battle of Chantilly (2006) won international awards for BLMProductions, “The scenes and narrative presentations in Spies depictespionage, political intrigue, imprisonment, love, marriage, and death.

We created scenes that are authentic in period dress, furnishings, sounds, andmannerisms. Rich details of 19th-century everyday life are built into thedramatic sequences of the film.” Learn more about Spies in Crinoline at www.imdb.com by entering the movie titlein the search field. To view the trailer, click on the trailer arrow. Thenext showing is in Leesburg, Va. at the Tally Ho Theater on Oct. 25th at 7:00p.m. Tickets cost $5. A DVD of the film and copies of Vernon’s novel will beon sale in the lobby after the show.

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